Whispers of Belorai

All Things Must Come to an End

We headed back to where we entered this crazy plane. We found a gate but we couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. Finally we realized we needed to complete the process that we had with all the other gates before. Now was the issue of actually opening the gate. We were worried that opening a gate to our plane would be an open invitation for the demons to follow. There was a lot of debate of which plane we should open a gate to and finally settled on the plane of the goddess of necromancy, as we didn’t think they could do much to harm her in her current state. Dast said that he would be willing to write it. When it opened, we noticed it was to the city that we destroyed for the goddess of nature. We realized that this was not the right place, and I was fairly positive that this was the plane of demon that I had befriended so long ago. We then realized that Dast had stolen the book that had all the sigyls we had collected and was writing from it. Soloma paralyzed Dast as we scrambled to close that gate and open one back to Belorai. Upon arrival we set about both tying up and interrogating Dast and bringing back Desteros. Now that we had all the bones, Delle was able to bring him back. Upon regaining life the sun shone forth, which was incredibly disorienting. I don’t know how people lived with that in the past. How could you sneak up on anything with so much light. Desteros leapt up with furious rage, exclaiming that he had some business to take care of. Kam then appeared and chastised us for preforming the ceremony without him. Kam brought us with him to see the battle between Thast and Desteros, but before either of them could make a move Iranai apperad with Godsbane in had proclaiming the time of the gods had come to end. Death now could take the gods as well. It was now our time to go as well. We have completed our task and now we need to go our separate ways. We have changed the world and I don’t necessarily know if it is for the better. While light has returned to the world, gods can now die. We have done so much. I have changed. I used to want to just kill everything, but now see that I can do more good by helping the living than by killing those who cause problems. I think my next task is to set up realms that act responsibly. No more exploiting the peasants for money. I have the power to change it, and so I shall do so.



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