Whispers of Belorai

Duels have Rules

After dispatching the disgusting wretch that was acting as the king of the diseased city, we thought it best to report back to the king of the swamp for further guidance. He showed us some maps of the surrounding area and told us of their inhabitants. Directly to the south lay a small kingdom ruled only by battle. In order to pass through, we would have to duel the champion in one-on-one combat. He gave us more information after that, but I did not hear it. My vision blurred and grayed, and the voices around me sounded as though I was submerged in water. My thoughts were consumed completely by the challenge ahead of me. For the next few hours of travel, I fought over and over again against imaginary foes. What would I do if he was wielding a hammer? A polearm? A sword and shield? What if he opened with a charge? Perhaps he would fight defensively? Am I right handed or left handed? Finally, we reached my foe. I had barely noticed as we entered the war-strewn country, but as soon as I saw the champion, he commanded my entire focus. He was large, clad in deep black platemail. He wielded an enormous greatsword. I was ready for this. We formally challenged each other and the duel began.

He came at me, but I was faster. I got off 6 quick blows, some of them slipping through his armor and drawing the first blood. His swings were incredibly powerful, but slow. I dodged his first assault, and struck back with more jabs from my four trusty blades. Ha! This so called “champion” is clearly no match for the mighty… Ow. Shrugging off the many hits I had dealt to him, he struck me twice with his massive sword, slashing deeply and easily through my armor. Unphased, I charged again. This time, many of my strikes slipped easily though his defenses and pierced “critical” areas in his body. I could tell that these “critical” strikes did much more damage than my other hits. And my new blades were so… precise. If I aim for these vital areas, I could probably hit them about 1/4 of the… gaaaghahagh.

He hit me twice more. I could tell that the last strike should have killed me, but somehow I remained standing. Perhaps some of Kam’s power can reach this forsaken hell-hole, and he is still protecting me. Or perhaps I have gained the favor of some other, ever more almighty being. Either way, no amount of divine assistance would keep me alive for much longer. This duel would end soon. I launched one final, desperate attack. The pain fell away as I focused the entirety of my being into my charge. Actually, the pain was going away much too quickly. Something was not right. Seloma was healing me! Interfering in the duel! I looked back, and saw the entire party springing into action. This was not right, but there was nothing I could do to stoop it. I sliced at the champion again, and I could tell that he had unleashed a new level of power. He picked me up, threw me to the ground, and mounted a fearsome black charger. This was not how the fight was supposed to go. Working together, we managed to take him down, but I was not even conscious to see it to the end.



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