Whispers of Belorai

Encounter with Nibenal

We totally dropped acid

After a difficult and confusing search, we finally found Nibenal’s lair. After these weeks of riddles and wandering, I had hoped that this part would be simple. We find the beast, we get the information, and we kill it. I was itching for a good fight. Unfortunately, Nibenal had other plans. Instead of finding a humongous half-spider horror, we found a helpful, half-dead hippy. He offered us a drink and we asked him for information regarding the day never dawning. He smiled at us and gave each of us a strange berry. I knew that consuming the berry would put him in control, and I was not sure if he could be trusted. However, there was no other way to get the information we needed. We all ate the berries and quickly passed out.

We awoke suddenly in a strange, dark cavern. We located a torch on the wall and lit it, revealing the curious design of the room. The floor was arranged into three concentric circles, descending towards the center, covered in runes. Nibenal was standing in the center. We asked him what to do and he told us to use the mushrooms on the runes. Suddenly, luminescent fungus appeared around the cavern. We followed his instructions, filling the runes with mushroom juice. The walls of the cavern faded away and we found ourselves floating above the ocean. We were able to move the platform with our wills, and we watched as a sequence of events unfolded. It was incredibly bright, and in the sky floated what I assume to be the sun. I don’t know how the old civilizations got on with there day when there was a huge glowing face looking down upon their every move. We saw Thast kill the sun, and Dell attempted to resurrect him. However, some strange light drained her power, and she was unable to perform her duty. She then sank down onto a small island and moped. Darkness consumed the land. This was the day never dawning. We still didn’t know what caused Dell to lose her powers, but we were one step closer.

We then asked Nibenal about himself, hoping to learn about his part in the fateful day. He showed us a vision of a man running through the woods, looking over his shoulder towards the sound of barking dogs. The man tripped and fell into a web covered hole in the ground. Nibenal revealed to us that the man lived for 14 years, always running from the hounds that were, in his mind, right behind him. After convincing us that he was in fact a thoroughly creepy dude, Nibenal turned on us. We suddenly found ourselves wrapped in web in a cavern full of water. The water slowly rose to the point where we could not breathe. We were suddenly freed from the web, and tried to swim to safety. However, no mater how far we swam, we never reached the surface. Then, the water froze, trapping us inside. As soon as we were completely frozen, the ice shattered and we were in the presence of a huge drider. Finally, something that I can solve by stabbing it!

I charged headlong into combat, eager to sink my blades into the flesh of this abomination. My heart raced and the world slowed down around me. I felt completely at ease, totally aware of the world around me. I could sense the ground through the soles of my feet, and what I sensed was… spiders. Millions of them, crawling all across the floor. Realizing that this was just another level in the illusion, I continued my assault. As soon as I convinced myself that the floor was not in fact made of spiders, it was instantaneously made of sand. And raining acid. This was of no consequence. My goal was directly in front if me. Nibenal proved to be a considerably powerful opponent, bringing me near to death many times over. I haven’t felt so good in ages.

The world continued to change around us as my duel went on. The sand began to sink away, forming strange patterns and eventually revealing that we were fighting on a huge web. Nibenal grew in size. It was starting to look bad. I had nearly started to consider that things were possibly not going to go our way when Raiju fell off of the sand and into a dark void. Luckily, Seloma went super-saiyan and saved our butts.

We woke up in a cave full of dusty books and lab equipment. It seems we finally found our way back to reality. We found a set of diaries written by Nibenal himself. After potentially starting a lab fire, we made our exit, taking the diaries for later investigating. After putting some distance between us and Nibenal (If he was ever there in the first place), we made camp and read. We found Information on the island that Dell was on, as well as some cryptic references to a “Godsbane”. We went to the island, found Dell, and now we are headed to The Gate to investigate some runes we found in conjunction with Godsbane in the Diaries.



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