Whispers of Belorai

Further Expeditions Into the Mind

After recuperating from the journey through Soloma’s plane of existence, the group decided to continue its efforts to purify and resolve the existential crises of each remaining party member.

I pity them for having to clear out my twisted mind. On a related note, I’ve just now begun to grasp the concept of pity. Really quite interesting stuff.

Goop’s Rune took four hours to recreate on the stone slab (I was bored). When he finally drank the hallucinogens we found ourselves in a bizarre metal facility with all sorts of tubing, chemicals, and complex machinery. Discomforting corrosive slime seeped from the corners of the walls, and, having nothing to gain by staying, we found our way into another room that had what seemed to be some sort of monster fetus hanging in a cage with tubes attached (homunculus I think, might’ve been Goop). Later (or perhaps just before? The order of events gets hazy for me sometimes) we made it to some sort of observation room with a wooden table that held many esoteric alchemical formulas. Suddenly we were confronted by a vision of an aged scholar who assumedly worked in this lab; he pointed to us and commanded goop to “take care of” another one. The other members of the party and I played the role of Goop in this battle as we were confronted by a writhing slime beast which we dispatched with only some difficulty. I was afraid. It felt good.

As the scene reverted to its former dilapidation and the visions faded, the party decided to press on further into the complex. I remember fighting a second slime beast and seeing a different version of the monster/goop fetus, but my memory is nearly as malevolent as I, and it does not always choose to cooperate. I do recall however what transpired next.

During our exploration we came across a study that had been mostly cleared out. Some furniture remained, namely the table that had a bloody handkerchief upon it. The wizard-folk used the pensive on it and revealed a tale of an old alchemist’s sad physical decline (Holy shit, there it is again). Next we found a different laboratory room with a large glass tube in the center. The visions returned and we saw the old man both floating within the tube and working on the machines. The others figured out that he was building a homunculus version of himself, which I thought to be very crafty of him (Natural processes can eat it).

The visions faded and the room became a tattered pile of what was essentially rubble. Continuing, we found what seemed to be another slime monster in yet another stale, laboratory room but this time Goop was there, ready to dispatch it. But this slime beast actually turned out to be the old man. We were fairly unaware of this fact though and only realized that we were meant to stop the slaying after some not-so-subtle hinting from Goop’s consciousness. After dramatically disarming Goop we actually managed to prevent more mindless death from happening. All were happy, although if this had happened in reality we would never have met Goop. Traumatic feelings resolved. Portal opens. Back in the crater on Belorai.

Part 2

Round three was Raiju’s plane of existence. We performed the necessary ritual to enter her world and found ourselves in a strange hallway. Nobles in fancy dress were entering what appeared to be a royal party. One to which we were obviously not invited. After failing to diplomacize our way in, we bushwhacked some of the approaching nobles and collected all of their worldly belongings, which happened to be exactly what we needed to get in.

Inside the party there were six floating platforms, all decked out with food and assorted fops. The goal of this simulation obviously had to do with the King’s potential death, but we were unsure of who the culprit was to be. Goop tried to become the King’s bodyguard but was rather unconvincing and unwittingly made himself a potential suspect in the King’s eyes. Lepht decided to go after the King, assumedly so Goop could stop him and prove himself as a guard, but as they started to wrestle the real assassin made a move. The King was unharmed but the royal guards appeared and focused on the brawl that was happening right by the throne. Lepht miraculously slipped away from Goop’s grasp twice and in an impressive display leaped over the encircling guards, became invisible, and promptly blew the King’s brain out at close range.

The world reset. We quickly gathered the nobles’ belongings once more and reentered the party, but not before Lepht was mysteriously stabbed and poisoned leaving him very unconscious. The ballroom walls were lined with ornate mirrors that the party discovered to have magical properties. When a patron was viewed in a double reflection, their real nature was revealed. This lead to awkward scouting via lots of angular reckoning. Raiju was here, but there were two of her working together to kill the King. Deciding to forego counter-assassination, we located and confronted the first Raiju who unsurprisingly feigned innocence. I pinned her against the wall and was loudly accused of sexual assault, but Goop had by this time already acquired credentials from the King for investigative purposes. Swiftly turning the Guards against Raiju #1, who was detained in a nearby cell. Raiju #2 was far more difficult to track and managed to make three attempts on the King’s life (one of which was a manure explosion) before we managed to track her down and subdue her.

The two Raiju’s merged before our eyes in the cell, where we had a very interesting philosophical conversation about the nature of corruption and authority, and the best paths to take should one desire positive social change.

In a moment of weakness… I… may have suggested that positive change can be obtained through the… Shudder … betterment of one’s community…

Raiju requires time to think on these things but we resolved the situation and were able to return to Belorai where I promptly forgot every moral lesson learned.



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