Whispers of Belorai

If I hadn't Pledged my Life to Good, I Swear I would have Killed Dast by Now.

So after collecting all the bones of the Sun God, we noticed that one of them had been pilfered from the pile. Unsure of it’s location, Dast said that we might have left it when we were wondering around in the Forest of the Chimera. Grudgingly, we set off for the forest, and upon arrival we were unsure of what to do.

That’s when Dast had the great idea to set the Forest on fire.





And it seemed to be a very dry patch as the forest started to erupt in flame and we no immediate escape options except to run.

The flames were always creeping just a little bit farther of ahead of us, it was clear we were not going to get out fast enough. and that’s when animals of flames burst out of the tree lane and ran past us, engulfing more of the woods in their wake.

We were shocked, clueless, and about to be consumed by the fire.

We did our best to try and make a clearing a safe spot by clearing the brush and keeping the flames at bay. That is when we say Dast wearing the pelvis as a mask.

I swaer I could have paralyzed him right their and left him to burn in the flames, but a large tree crashed into the clearing and we all passed out.

We awoke in the forest and everything was the same as it was before the fire nah except a fine layer of ash covering us.

WE all had an eerie sense that something was watching us, which made us feel uneasy since we needed to escape the forest and were not sure of what direction to go in. We decided to picka direction and head off that way until we eventually escaped the forest.

Along the way Dast pulled another trick and disappeared on us. We were all angry at him so we decided to let him stay in the forest if he wanted too. We then came to a halt when one of your party tripped over an invisible tree rot. We experimented and found out the forest reacts to spells being cast and well mimic them and cast them again. We assumed Dast had cast a invisibility spell making some of the trees go invisible so we decided to check if any of the bones were stolen.

And that’s when we saw that not only did he steal our horse but he lifted some of our items.

Including Mimble Wimble.

In a blind rage I ran into the forest using my sepllsto track him down by scent or by magic. I was able to feel a huge source of magic deep in the forest so I took off as fast as could ready to end Dast if need be, but i found a different person, a man in a brown robe.

He introduced himself asthe servant of the god of Magic. We talked and I tried to find a way out of the forest for our party. He asked what I could offer in return. I tried to reason with him that we would be out of his forest and no longer a nuisance. He replied that he could just feed off us. That’s when I realized this might be our end. I could see a swarm of fire ants emerging from the treeling. the stoped only 15 feet away from and moved no closer.This man was a powerfl mage if he could summon the ants so quickly.

He made a deal with me. WE had an artifact with us that was sto dangerous to be left in our hands. The Rot Stone, if we promised to destroyed it we could leave. I gladly accepted it and the Mage then asked for my hand. From a small drop of blood he was able to extract the paralyzng spell and use it to paralyze Dast so we could take hm out of the forest, and with the compass we had received earlier now attuned to our gear we set off to findour stuff and leave this Plane of existence.

We returned to the Lord of Swamp for a way out of this World, but unfortanuetly one of our Party mentioned the Rot Stone and he Demanded it for the information to how to leave the Plane. With no other option we turned over begrudgingly and set off North for the Wastelands and the Gate. We were all excited to get back to our Home Plane and complete our Quest to resurrect the Sun God. I just fear that we made some enemies in this Plane that might try and stop us from doing so.



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