Whispers of Belorai

Journeys into the Mind Continue...

It has been nearly three weeks since we left civilization. I should feel right at home; deep in the wilds far from anyone but the people I trust, yet the invasion into the minds of my companions has been very taxing.

We were recently transported into the mind of Dast. I was unsure of what exactly we would find, but I was prepared for the worst. I was surprised to find only a simple hut on a blank canvas of black when we arrived on the plane known as Dast. I was shocked still to find that we had been transformed into young Pantheorns. It was evident from early on that we had been transformed into Dast and were experiencing his early childhood.

Looking back, I now understand why Dast has acted the way he has. Not only was his childhood rough, but his whole life has been a struggle. From the beatings and death of his mom, Dast has only experienced one end of a life after another. From his Wizard teacher to finding out who his captain really was, Dast has been no stranger to death and it is the reason his seems to toy with it on a regular basis.

It wasn’t until we reached his most recent memories, which included us, that Dast started to come to terms with his actions. I feel that he has always wondered why we try and stop him from doing what he does and that it wasn’t until now that he was able to ask it.

After we exited Dast plane of existence, we were stumped when we saw that the last trail for Dast was really going on. He had the a block suspended above the Commoner he hired as a Sherpa (which I believe he intend to use as a toy until he came to a grim end in the wilds). Not only were we able to save the man and get Dast to lower the block, but I think we were able to save the last strand of humanity he had left.

Now we must face the only person’s plane of Existence I fear more than Dast’s, the dreaded, corrupted mind of the Dark Knight of Chaos himself, Alhazared the Antipaladin.



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