Whispers of Belorai

Over my dead body on a rickety bridge. With Chickens.

We continued with our quests to adjust our individual planes, this time with Al’s plane. I was a bit worried going in. I mean I knew that I was messed up and did some pretty horrible things, but he did horrible things as if they were normal. So when we all ended up naked in a church, missing arms that were spurting blood, and being judged by an old lady, I can hardly say that I was surprised. Shocked yes, but not surprised. We had also all suddenly contracted horrible disease. There was a fountain that Goop filled with his own blood (from the missing arms) and when he had done so, a flight of stairs opened down behind the pulpit and our arms re-grew. We then came to the end of a narrow platform. There was a huge gap, one that we couldn’t even see down into, and on the other side was another platform and a door. The only way to get across was to grab onto the sword blades protruding from the ceiling. Dast, Goop, and I all made across with only some cuts to show for it, but Soloma was not so lucky. She had contracted the black plague, and in her weakened condition, fell into darkness. There was nothing we could do so we continued through the door. We started walking down some stairs and Goop stumbled across his own dead body. We didn’t really know what to make of it so we kept going. We then found ourselves in a circular room, with a door on the other side, and between us and the door was a giant monk. He stated that the circle demanded a blood sacrifice. Not wanting to sacrifice our blood, we went and retrieved Goop’s dead body from the stairs and tried to use that as a sacrifice. It didn’t work. We then attacked, with our newly elongated teeth, claws, and goop tore his dead arms off his dead body and wielded those as clubs. After beating it to death, our long teeth went back to normal and Soloma popped out of a hatch in the middle of the floor looking very shaken. Reunited, we continued through the door. On the other side was an impossibly long rickety bridge. I decided I would go first, calling out every fifty steps or so. That way we would keep in contact. The bridge went on forever. Suddenly there was a chicken in my hands. I didn’t know what to do with it so I just held onto it and kept going. Eventually crossing over my own dead body. Eventually I could see the bridge ending at a rock spire with a cave in the back that was pouring out bright light. In front of the cave stood a paladin. Unsure of the paladin’s intentions I started to creep forward, eventually crawling along the underside of the bridge with my chicken resting on my chest. I made almost all the way to the end of the bridge undetected but i was clumsy trying to get onto the rock and I was spotted. The paladin, being perfectly friendly hailed me, informed me he knew why I was here and that we should wait for my friends. Once everyone made it, the paladin was about to start talking when the rock spire cracked and fell sending us into the void after it. When we woke up after our fall we found ourselves on the back of an unkowabely large dryder tied up in spider webbing. We worked our way out of it and saw that Al was there with us. We began to talk with him, when he suddenly was split in two and out of him emerged another clollosal dryder, the Goddess of Terror herself; Theras. The battle commenced and fortuanely we found the we were now clothed again with all of our equipment. Soloma and Goop used the teleport-naginata combo that had worked so well on the ant queen and I moved into flank, though I quickly realized my katana would not be of much use and stuck to damaging her with lightning spells. Dast was the first to be killed and ejected from the plane, leaving Goop, Soloma and I do finish her off. We were doing incredibly well, each of us familiar with our roles by now, and preforming them to the best of our abilities, causing massive amounts of damage. Then suddenly infuriated, Theras focused on Goop, ejecting him from the plane leaving Soloma and I to finish her off. But we had already almost killed and with one more spell from me, she shattered, screaming. Suddenly I found myself in a small cell. I tried to call out for other people but heard nothing in response. I knocked on the walls and found that there was some give to them. I pulled my grappling hook out and stated chipping away at the wall. When I finally broke out I realized I had been encased in spider egg and that I was back on Belorai. I went over the the other egg and helped Soloma out of hers. We then all rested and healed, glad to be done with that ordeal. Suddenly out of the sky flew a giant blue bird who we knew to be Kam. We met with him and he granted us many favors and charged us with a quest. We are to seek out the roots of the Day Never Dawning. He referred to us as heroes. I know that we have changed, or at least I know that at least I feel different but a hero? I guess that history will judge our deeds, which to this point have been absolutely horrifying. Which makes me wonder what could be in store that would overshadow our past.



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