Whispers of Belorai

After we got our cool gifts from the bird guy, we left the mountain and forest to head out to find the source of the darkness. When we reached port, the Sherpa asked about his pay. I tried to convince him to come with us, but the group wasn’t having it and paid him off and sent him on his way.

I’m alone again.

Along the way, I realized my rifle came with only one bullet. The stupid bird man didn’t think this through. So I went ahead and made my own, using Seloma’s help to make sure I didn’t bleed out or anything.

We reached the town in the province we were supposed to go to and began looking around. We were greeted by a giant cathedral. I wanted to go check it out, see if we could find out what was the cause of it’s destruction or deterioration. Walking around it, I saved Nimble Wimble from a cat and used the pensive on a shard of glass laying there. I saw this cathedral live out it’s days, having many worshipers flowing in and out. Then darkness fell over the land, and followers of Desteros flooded the place of worship. Over time, they slowly stopped arriving. Wars and bandits ransacked the place over time, leaving it in it’s decrepit state it now lies.

From there, we left after investigating a little further and not discovering anything interesting, went to a wizard’s shop and began asking him what he knew about the day all went dark. He gave us an idea of where it all started from, talking about a group of heroes who fucked up and then disappeared after darkness filled the land.

We went there, and looking around for anything interesting, we came across a homeless bard. I tossed a gold piece into his guitar case. He asked me what I would like to hear, and I told him to tell me of the songs of older times. I repeated this a couple times because I liked his singing and hell, might as well use a few of these things for something nice. Taking from what we learned from him, we began narrowing down our search and eventually found where the ritual had taken place, the one that brought the darkness onto everything. It was pretty spooky. There was blood everywhere, old and dried. I used the pensive on a bowl in the room and saw a cult sitting there, doing something with some book. A group of people broke in, lots of fighting, then the demon sigils on the floor all activated and a giant monstrosity appeared in the middle of it all. There seemed to be in fighting in that group. Pretty pathetic if you asked me. Especially that rogue.

We then were going to investigate another door, and apparently everything was too spooky for them, because they were rigorously checking for traps. I felt assured that it was pretty safe, since it appeared almost nothing had been down here after the horrible things had happened.

Leaving the place, we went and split up to find out more information about what was going on. I went to look for the bard to hear if he’d tell us more tales, the others went to talk to the old wizard. We didn’t find out much from them, other than that they know better than to talk about the beast that came from the ritual.

It was here, we split up again, and Raiju had found a contact, a court wizard, who informed us of the place to the north where the planes were weak from elvin magic being used. It was decided that here was where we needed to go, where more tales of monstrosities occurred. From the looks on everyone’s face, we’re in for some serious shit.



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