Whispers of Belorai

The City of Disease

Everything was a blur as my vision cleared and I saw that we were in the main room of the Keep. The Last thing I remember was a Wakizashi piercing through my chest. We must have defeated the thing that had possessed Dasht ,but were no closer to finding out anything about where we were or the meaning of God’s Bane.

After exiting the keep we noticed two distinct details. One, the village of elves from before was in ruins and two, a dragon like form was flying off in the distance. The Party was eager to defeat it. but I was worried of the corrosive death that would a wait us.

We marched towards the beast with the land slowly changing from grassland to a watery marsh our pursuit slowed. Suddenly, we found ourselves being attacked by figures coming from below the surface of the marsh all around us. My arcane might was able to hold them off and secure our escape, which lead us to chase a clocked man that seem to be the one that issued the attack.

The man went only be a strange title. Lord of the Swamp, he called himself. We were able to negotiate terms of peace with him and he was even able to answer the many questions that we had. It turns out that we have come upon a new world, one that is similar to ours and is ruled by dark lord that worship evil deities. These Lords also hold the bones of the Sun God, whivh we need to resurrect him. We also learned that God’s Bane was an artifact with ability to kill gods! The pieces were scattered on this plane of existence.

The Lord of the Swamps showed us the direction we needed to go in order to reach one of the first lord’s domain. This ruler worshiped the god of disease and his holdings showed signs of decay and rot in all things.

We were able to use a death cart in order to appear less suspicious upon entering the city. We found our way to the headquarters of the ruler from some crude directions given to use by some silent plague doctors in bird masks. They did not speak but were still able to point us in the right direction.

We eventually found the manor house of the ruler and upon enetering we could see a floating cloud of mold throughout the house. WE put cloths around or mouths and plunged in only to be dropped suddenly into the basement of the house.

There we found bodies that were to be used to make undead henchmen, which explained or silent acquaintances. With a shudder, we destroyed the bodies making sure that they could not be raised and upon examining a freezer section containg more bodies, we found the Lord of Disease blocking our way out!

We fell upon the man, using anything we could to destory him and is silent bodyguards. The man used the corpses to amplify his strength, absorbing them and using their mass to throw heaving punches into our party. but well placed blows and magic spells allowed us to defeat him and his guards securing us the first part of the Sun God’s body.



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