Whispers of Belorai

All Things Must Come to an End

We headed back to where we entered this crazy plane. We found a gate but we couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. Finally we realized we needed to complete the process that we had with all the other gates before. Now was the issue of actually opening the gate. We were worried that opening a gate to our plane would be an open invitation for the demons to follow. There was a lot of debate of which plane we should open a gate to and finally settled on the plane of the goddess of necromancy, as we didn’t think they could do much to harm her in her current state. Dast said that he would be willing to write it. When it opened, we noticed it was to the city that we destroyed for the goddess of nature. We realized that this was not the right place, and I was fairly positive that this was the plane of demon that I had befriended so long ago. We then realized that Dast had stolen the book that had all the sigyls we had collected and was writing from it. Soloma paralyzed Dast as we scrambled to close that gate and open one back to Belorai. Upon arrival we set about both tying up and interrogating Dast and bringing back Desteros. Now that we had all the bones, Delle was able to bring him back. Upon regaining life the sun shone forth, which was incredibly disorienting. I don’t know how people lived with that in the past. How could you sneak up on anything with so much light. Desteros leapt up with furious rage, exclaiming that he had some business to take care of. Kam then appeared and chastised us for preforming the ceremony without him. Kam brought us with him to see the battle between Thast and Desteros, but before either of them could make a move Iranai apperad with Godsbane in had proclaiming the time of the gods had come to end. Death now could take the gods as well. It was now our time to go as well. We have completed our task and now we need to go our separate ways. We have changed the world and I don’t necessarily know if it is for the better. While light has returned to the world, gods can now die. We have done so much. I have changed. I used to want to just kill everything, but now see that I can do more good by helping the living than by killing those who cause problems. I think my next task is to set up realms that act responsibly. No more exploiting the peasants for money. I have the power to change it, and so I shall do so.

If I hadn't Pledged my Life to Good, I Swear I would have Killed Dast by Now.

So after collecting all the bones of the Sun God, we noticed that one of them had been pilfered from the pile. Unsure of it’s location, Dast said that we might have left it when we were wondering around in the Forest of the Chimera. Grudgingly, we set off for the forest, and upon arrival we were unsure of what to do.

That’s when Dast had the great idea to set the Forest on fire.





And it seemed to be a very dry patch as the forest started to erupt in flame and we no immediate escape options except to run.

The flames were always creeping just a little bit farther of ahead of us, it was clear we were not going to get out fast enough. and that’s when animals of flames burst out of the tree lane and ran past us, engulfing more of the woods in their wake.

We were shocked, clueless, and about to be consumed by the fire.

We did our best to try and make a clearing a safe spot by clearing the brush and keeping the flames at bay. That is when we say Dast wearing the pelvis as a mask.

I swaer I could have paralyzed him right their and left him to burn in the flames, but a large tree crashed into the clearing and we all passed out.

We awoke in the forest and everything was the same as it was before the fire nah except a fine layer of ash covering us.

WE all had an eerie sense that something was watching us, which made us feel uneasy since we needed to escape the forest and were not sure of what direction to go in. We decided to picka direction and head off that way until we eventually escaped the forest.

Along the way Dast pulled another trick and disappeared on us. We were all angry at him so we decided to let him stay in the forest if he wanted too. We then came to a halt when one of your party tripped over an invisible tree rot. We experimented and found out the forest reacts to spells being cast and well mimic them and cast them again. We assumed Dast had cast a invisibility spell making some of the trees go invisible so we decided to check if any of the bones were stolen.

And that’s when we saw that not only did he steal our horse but he lifted some of our items.

Including Mimble Wimble.

In a blind rage I ran into the forest using my sepllsto track him down by scent or by magic. I was able to feel a huge source of magic deep in the forest so I took off as fast as could ready to end Dast if need be, but i found a different person, a man in a brown robe.

He introduced himself asthe servant of the god of Magic. We talked and I tried to find a way out of the forest for our party. He asked what I could offer in return. I tried to reason with him that we would be out of his forest and no longer a nuisance. He replied that he could just feed off us. That’s when I realized this might be our end. I could see a swarm of fire ants emerging from the treeling. the stoped only 15 feet away from and moved no closer.This man was a powerfl mage if he could summon the ants so quickly.

He made a deal with me. WE had an artifact with us that was sto dangerous to be left in our hands. The Rot Stone, if we promised to destroyed it we could leave. I gladly accepted it and the Mage then asked for my hand. From a small drop of blood he was able to extract the paralyzng spell and use it to paralyze Dast so we could take hm out of the forest, and with the compass we had received earlier now attuned to our gear we set off to findour stuff and leave this Plane of existence.

We returned to the Lord of Swamp for a way out of this World, but unfortanuetly one of our Party mentioned the Rot Stone and he Demanded it for the information to how to leave the Plane. With no other option we turned over begrudgingly and set off North for the Wastelands and the Gate. We were all excited to get back to our Home Plane and complete our Quest to resurrect the Sun God. I just fear that we made some enemies in this Plane that might try and stop us from doing so.

Duels have Rules

After dispatching the disgusting wretch that was acting as the king of the diseased city, we thought it best to report back to the king of the swamp for further guidance. He showed us some maps of the surrounding area and told us of their inhabitants. Directly to the south lay a small kingdom ruled only by battle. In order to pass through, we would have to duel the champion in one-on-one combat. He gave us more information after that, but I did not hear it. My vision blurred and grayed, and the voices around me sounded as though I was submerged in water. My thoughts were consumed completely by the challenge ahead of me. For the next few hours of travel, I fought over and over again against imaginary foes. What would I do if he was wielding a hammer? A polearm? A sword and shield? What if he opened with a charge? Perhaps he would fight defensively? Am I right handed or left handed? Finally, we reached my foe. I had barely noticed as we entered the war-strewn country, but as soon as I saw the champion, he commanded my entire focus. He was large, clad in deep black platemail. He wielded an enormous greatsword. I was ready for this. We formally challenged each other and the duel began.

He came at me, but I was faster. I got off 6 quick blows, some of them slipping through his armor and drawing the first blood. His swings were incredibly powerful, but slow. I dodged his first assault, and struck back with more jabs from my four trusty blades. Ha! This so called “champion” is clearly no match for the mighty… Ow. Shrugging off the many hits I had dealt to him, he struck me twice with his massive sword, slashing deeply and easily through my armor. Unphased, I charged again. This time, many of my strikes slipped easily though his defenses and pierced “critical” areas in his body. I could tell that these “critical” strikes did much more damage than my other hits. And my new blades were so… precise. If I aim for these vital areas, I could probably hit them about 1/4 of the… gaaaghahagh.

He hit me twice more. I could tell that the last strike should have killed me, but somehow I remained standing. Perhaps some of Kam’s power can reach this forsaken hell-hole, and he is still protecting me. Or perhaps I have gained the favor of some other, ever more almighty being. Either way, no amount of divine assistance would keep me alive for much longer. This duel would end soon. I launched one final, desperate attack. The pain fell away as I focused the entirety of my being into my charge. Actually, the pain was going away much too quickly. Something was not right. Seloma was healing me! Interfering in the duel! I looked back, and saw the entire party springing into action. This was not right, but there was nothing I could do to stoop it. I sliced at the champion again, and I could tell that he had unleashed a new level of power. He picked me up, threw me to the ground, and mounted a fearsome black charger. This was not how the fight was supposed to go. Working together, we managed to take him down, but I was not even conscious to see it to the end.

The City of Disease

Everything was a blur as my vision cleared and I saw that we were in the main room of the Keep. The Last thing I remember was a Wakizashi piercing through my chest. We must have defeated the thing that had possessed Dasht ,but were no closer to finding out anything about where we were or the meaning of God’s Bane.

After exiting the keep we noticed two distinct details. One, the village of elves from before was in ruins and two, a dragon like form was flying off in the distance. The Party was eager to defeat it. but I was worried of the corrosive death that would a wait us.

We marched towards the beast with the land slowly changing from grassland to a watery marsh our pursuit slowed. Suddenly, we found ourselves being attacked by figures coming from below the surface of the marsh all around us. My arcane might was able to hold them off and secure our escape, which lead us to chase a clocked man that seem to be the one that issued the attack.

The man went only be a strange title. Lord of the Swamp, he called himself. We were able to negotiate terms of peace with him and he was even able to answer the many questions that we had. It turns out that we have come upon a new world, one that is similar to ours and is ruled by dark lord that worship evil deities. These Lords also hold the bones of the Sun God, whivh we need to resurrect him. We also learned that God’s Bane was an artifact with ability to kill gods! The pieces were scattered on this plane of existence.

The Lord of the Swamps showed us the direction we needed to go in order to reach one of the first lord’s domain. This ruler worshiped the god of disease and his holdings showed signs of decay and rot in all things.

We were able to use a death cart in order to appear less suspicious upon entering the city. We found our way to the headquarters of the ruler from some crude directions given to use by some silent plague doctors in bird masks. They did not speak but were still able to point us in the right direction.

We eventually found the manor house of the ruler and upon enetering we could see a floating cloud of mold throughout the house. WE put cloths around or mouths and plunged in only to be dropped suddenly into the basement of the house.

There we found bodies that were to be used to make undead henchmen, which explained or silent acquaintances. With a shudder, we destroyed the bodies making sure that they could not be raised and upon examining a freezer section containg more bodies, we found the Lord of Disease blocking our way out!

We fell upon the man, using anything we could to destory him and is silent bodyguards. The man used the corpses to amplify his strength, absorbing them and using their mass to throw heaving punches into our party. but well placed blows and magic spells allowed us to defeat him and his guards securing us the first part of the Sun God’s body.

When in doubt; grease fire.

We departed for the Deltai with an inconsolable Delle on Soloma’s ship. We intended to write her symbol on the gate and fix whatever was wrong with her. When we reached the crater we could see that we had had a lasting effect on the place, as now jungles grew up around the pyramids and oasis where the water flowed to; islands of restful trees in a desolate sandy sea. We reached the gate and wrote Delle’s sigil on the gate, and peering through saw only the island on which we had found her. Sensing that this was going to be as useful as trying to cheer her up by telling her that Desteros would never come back and that it was all her fault, we decided to close it and try the symbol found in Nibinal’s journal. The one associated with the words “Godsbane”. It sounded ominous, and upon opening it we felt a chill wind and saw snow, reminding us of our time spent on Cordain. We stepped forward into the frigid place with great apprehension, at least on my part. I hate snow. It’s just not normal. Who thought that something fluffy, cold, and wet was a good idea? As we started walking we could see a storm approaching, which would envelop us if we stayed in the open. We headed for the mountain at a quick pace as it was the only cover we could see. We walked for hours and still we weren’t there and the storm was continually gaining ground, whipping the snow into a furry not far behind us. In desperation we sprinted for the mountain using every last drop of energy we had, and seeing a cave we piled inside just as the blizzard would have overtaken us. I looked around. We looked disheveled, wet, and thoroughly exhausted. Dast and I looked as if we had grown white beards as all the condensation from our heavy breathing had frozen our fur. After we recovered from our head long dash to the cave, we headed deeper into it, as it seemed to be more of a tunnel. It was then that I started hear the whispers. They were faint and indistinguishable and tugged at me, urging me forward. Suddenly I recognized them. I had almost forgotten what they had sounded like, I hadn’t heard them since we were last on Deltai, but there had been a time when I heard them almost constantly. I used to embrace them and be excited to hear them, but now I felt a touch of apprehension, and a bit of fear. Whatever we were getting ourselves into was going to be dangerous. Suddenly there was a bang and I saw Andichar on the ground, a shadow running off ahead, and an absence of Dast. After Soloma helped Andichar, we continued forward. Soon we saw a large keep. We walked through the open portcullis and up to the main door. We knocked and it opened, and then we took the bar and placed it outside well away from the door so we couldn’t be trapped in. We then all recognized the keep as identical to the one we saw on Cordain. We proceeded into the throne room and sitting on the throne was Dast. He spoke with a voice of whispers and deadly shadows, and yet the voice was still his own. The Snake with the Dagger Mouth was speaking through him. He demanded fealty, which I neither gave nor refused as I did not wish to anger him or loose myself. He knew me. Dear Gods He knew me well, and I could see him looking straight through whatever personas I might concoct for myself and whatever stories I might have to tell. I hadn’t realized I had done so much to warrant such intimate scrutiny. I didn’t know whether to be proud or disappointed. Soloma and Andicar stayed with me, and the ever curious New Goop decided to submit and went to stand at Dast’s right hand. He then issued a challenge. We had to kill him, it had to be a surprise, and he couldn’t call for his guards, and it must be done in 24 hours.
We awoke to find ourselves (Soloma, Andicar and I) in a small hut. Upon peering out we saw Elven peasants working the fields. We tried talking to them but they seemed worried to speak their minds and kept glancing over at one man. He seemed a bit dodgy to me but no more so than a normal person in such circumstances. He had a way to get us in. It seemed fine but at the same time, why have others do what you can do yourself? Andicar had been talking about branding the peasants and having them look like they had the plague and using them to distract the guards. I was going to try and take it one step further. I was going to try to make it look like a peasant revolt led by some of the guards. I did my best to explain that I was going to try to orchestrate the distraction. I normally am the one doing the sneaking and assassinating so if we have to keep him from knowing what’s going on, who better than me to be the distraction and the bait? That would leave them to work out exactly sneak in and assassinate the lord. By necessity we had to split up. I put on my mask and an air of slightly paranoid importance as I strode in through the open portcullis. I knew that I needed to obtain meetings with the powerful people in this keep. That is what we did in Garreth, I figure I should look like I’m sticking to a typical mode of operation. My first meeting was with the captain of the guard. I had to try to convince him that some of his own men were in a faction to overthrow the lord. Ideally I would have something forged to prove this but my lack of languages proves to be a bit of a barrier. He, who it turned out was an enthralled New Goop, was less than receptive to the idea of this, although he wasn’t openly hostile towards me for suggesting it. All I needed to do was plant the seed. Next I needed to talk to the chief librarian. Unfortunately the only way I could get a meeting with him was with an escort of guards and the captain himself after being completely stripped of all armor and weapons. I had hoped to subtly implicate that the captain of the guard was the one staging the coup to the librarian but with the escort it was now impossible. At this point the only play was to further plant the seed I had already planted. I intended for my next stop to be the steward so that I could implicate that the librarian and the captain were working together to stage a coup, but the captain had other plans. I was led downstairs and into a secluded room and beaten for answers. At first I tried a version of the truth, but when that got me nowhere I resorted to deception. I claimed that I was hired by another lord to incite rebellion in these lands, and they bought it thankfully. They put me in a cell and manacled me to the wall. After easily slipping my bonds, I tried to pick the lock to my cell, but couldn’t do it. So I turned myself invisible and made a huge commotion about someone escaping until the guards showed up. Seeing that my cell appeared empty they opened my door and I slipped out undetected. I hurried along, knowing that I was slowly running out of time to put my plan into place and hoping that Andicar and Soloma were having more luck than I was. I slipped into the barracks, still invisible, and saw that there were only two guards in the room. I needed them out of the way so that I could dress in armor and appear to be one of the guards. Perhaps I could look like I was leading the rebellion or further claim that others were. I used magic to create the sound of a fight going on outside and they ran out in pursuit of ghosts. I quickly dressed in the armor and ran out looking like I too was responding to the fight; I even removed my mask so that I wouldn’t be recognized as the person who escaped. I didn’t matter. As soon as I stepped outside and saw the look on the captain of the guards face, I knew I had been caught. I tried to make the case that only I could thwart the plan and that he needed my help, as I knelt submissively to the ground. I received another blow to the head, followed by darkness.
I awoke, weak and bleary eyed. I was tied up extraordinarily well. I guess my first escape had made them cautious. I couldn’t move at all and I couldn’t touch the ground. I was going to be stuck here until…I didn’t really want to know what came after this. Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching, followed by some mumbling and then more footsteps leading away. The door swung in, and in stepped the man Soloma and Andicar had been talking to earlier about getting us into the keep. He informed me that he would ensure my escape if I were to burn the library, as there was information in there that needed to be destroyed. I consented, as I had little choice, and he left me the key. After working my way out of my bonds, I turned myself invisible and headed for the library. As I passed a peasant, I sent him a magical vocal message ordering him to bring the Lord to the library immediately. I got into the library, and seeing that there was no one there, started using magic to create a whole bunch of grease, covering the books and bookcases in the room. Then I waited. I could then hear the lord approaching with his guards and I turned myself invisible. Then in walked Andicar surrounded by guards, but clearly unhindered by them. Not having time to reason out what was going on, and knowing that if he wasn’t the lord and I killed him he would just go back to the material plane, I chucked a candle at the grease becoming visible once again. The room erupted into flame as I dashed out the door, which I then closed and roped shut. I then snuck into a hiding spot. Soon a guard appeared and started hacking at the rope with the sword. I snuck up from behind and lifted his own dagger off his belt and then stabbed him in the neck. It was a good, clean, swift kill, unlike the agony on the other side of the door. I dragged his body into a hidden spot, but there was too much blood on the ground for me to clean up and I could hear more guards coming. I stepped out to face them, while using magic to create more grease on the ground, which two of them slipped on. I then used magic to move a nearby torch to the grease and started burning those two alive as well. At first I tried to fight the third one, but when I couldn’t hurt him sufficiently at the begging, I leaped over the wall of fire I had just created and sprinted towards the door. I rammed into the door with every bit of energy I could to muscle it open quickly, but it took its toll. At this point I was lucky I was still on my feet with the abuse that I had taken. As I got out the door I saw a whole company of guards come around the corner. I knew I couldn’t fight them, but I also knew I couldn’t let them get to the library. So I yelled to them, “If you want your lord to live, you’re going to have to catch me first!” and then bolted for the sill open portcullis. They started to close it and I changed course heading straight for the wall. The first volley of crossbows fired and missed as I took a running leap halfway up the wall, and fired again as I reached the top, but I managed to avoid those two. I then leaped from the top of wall, using magic to slow my decent, and took off running once I hit the ground avoiding one last volley of crossbows before I was out of range. I guess I must have successfully killed whoever the lord was because suddenly I was back in the throne room with the rest of the party and I had with me a fearsome dagger that I knew must be my reward for a job well done. But something wasn’t right. There was no door back. We were still stuck on this plane with no way out, and if we had to go through all of that and we still weren’t out, then the things that lie ahead of us must be very dark indeed.

Encounter with Nibenal
We totally dropped acid

After a difficult and confusing search, we finally found Nibenal’s lair. After these weeks of riddles and wandering, I had hoped that this part would be simple. We find the beast, we get the information, and we kill it. I was itching for a good fight. Unfortunately, Nibenal had other plans. Instead of finding a humongous half-spider horror, we found a helpful, half-dead hippy. He offered us a drink and we asked him for information regarding the day never dawning. He smiled at us and gave each of us a strange berry. I knew that consuming the berry would put him in control, and I was not sure if he could be trusted. However, there was no other way to get the information we needed. We all ate the berries and quickly passed out.

We awoke suddenly in a strange, dark cavern. We located a torch on the wall and lit it, revealing the curious design of the room. The floor was arranged into three concentric circles, descending towards the center, covered in runes. Nibenal was standing in the center. We asked him what to do and he told us to use the mushrooms on the runes. Suddenly, luminescent fungus appeared around the cavern. We followed his instructions, filling the runes with mushroom juice. The walls of the cavern faded away and we found ourselves floating above the ocean. We were able to move the platform with our wills, and we watched as a sequence of events unfolded. It was incredibly bright, and in the sky floated what I assume to be the sun. I don’t know how the old civilizations got on with there day when there was a huge glowing face looking down upon their every move. We saw Thast kill the sun, and Dell attempted to resurrect him. However, some strange light drained her power, and she was unable to perform her duty. She then sank down onto a small island and moped. Darkness consumed the land. This was the day never dawning. We still didn’t know what caused Dell to lose her powers, but we were one step closer.

We then asked Nibenal about himself, hoping to learn about his part in the fateful day. He showed us a vision of a man running through the woods, looking over his shoulder towards the sound of barking dogs. The man tripped and fell into a web covered hole in the ground. Nibenal revealed to us that the man lived for 14 years, always running from the hounds that were, in his mind, right behind him. After convincing us that he was in fact a thoroughly creepy dude, Nibenal turned on us. We suddenly found ourselves wrapped in web in a cavern full of water. The water slowly rose to the point where we could not breathe. We were suddenly freed from the web, and tried to swim to safety. However, no mater how far we swam, we never reached the surface. Then, the water froze, trapping us inside. As soon as we were completely frozen, the ice shattered and we were in the presence of a huge drider. Finally, something that I can solve by stabbing it!

I charged headlong into combat, eager to sink my blades into the flesh of this abomination. My heart raced and the world slowed down around me. I felt completely at ease, totally aware of the world around me. I could sense the ground through the soles of my feet, and what I sensed was… spiders. Millions of them, crawling all across the floor. Realizing that this was just another level in the illusion, I continued my assault. As soon as I convinced myself that the floor was not in fact made of spiders, it was instantaneously made of sand. And raining acid. This was of no consequence. My goal was directly in front if me. Nibenal proved to be a considerably powerful opponent, bringing me near to death many times over. I haven’t felt so good in ages.

The world continued to change around us as my duel went on. The sand began to sink away, forming strange patterns and eventually revealing that we were fighting on a huge web. Nibenal grew in size. It was starting to look bad. I had nearly started to consider that things were possibly not going to go our way when Raiju fell off of the sand and into a dark void. Luckily, Seloma went super-saiyan and saved our butts.

We woke up in a cave full of dusty books and lab equipment. It seems we finally found our way back to reality. We found a set of diaries written by Nibenal himself. After potentially starting a lab fire, we made our exit, taking the diaries for later investigating. After putting some distance between us and Nibenal (If he was ever there in the first place), we made camp and read. We found Information on the island that Dell was on, as well as some cryptic references to a “Godsbane”. We went to the island, found Dell, and now we are headed to The Gate to investigate some runes we found in conjunction with Godsbane in the Diaries.

Tales of a Wise Song Singer

After we got our cool gifts from the bird guy, we left the mountain and forest to head out to find the source of the darkness. When we reached port, the Sherpa asked about his pay. I tried to convince him to come with us, but the group wasn’t having it and paid him off and sent him on his way.

I’m alone again.

Along the way, I realized my rifle came with only one bullet. The stupid bird man didn’t think this through. So I went ahead and made my own, using Seloma’s help to make sure I didn’t bleed out or anything.

We reached the town in the province we were supposed to go to and began looking around. We were greeted by a giant cathedral. I wanted to go check it out, see if we could find out what was the cause of it’s destruction or deterioration. Walking around it, I saved Nimble Wimble from a cat and used the pensive on a shard of glass laying there. I saw this cathedral live out it’s days, having many worshipers flowing in and out. Then darkness fell over the land, and followers of Desteros flooded the place of worship. Over time, they slowly stopped arriving. Wars and bandits ransacked the place over time, leaving it in it’s decrepit state it now lies.

From there, we left after investigating a little further and not discovering anything interesting, went to a wizard’s shop and began asking him what he knew about the day all went dark. He gave us an idea of where it all started from, talking about a group of heroes who fucked up and then disappeared after darkness filled the land.

We went there, and looking around for anything interesting, we came across a homeless bard. I tossed a gold piece into his guitar case. He asked me what I would like to hear, and I told him to tell me of the songs of older times. I repeated this a couple times because I liked his singing and hell, might as well use a few of these things for something nice. Taking from what we learned from him, we began narrowing down our search and eventually found where the ritual had taken place, the one that brought the darkness onto everything. It was pretty spooky. There was blood everywhere, old and dried. I used the pensive on a bowl in the room and saw a cult sitting there, doing something with some book. A group of people broke in, lots of fighting, then the demon sigils on the floor all activated and a giant monstrosity appeared in the middle of it all. There seemed to be in fighting in that group. Pretty pathetic if you asked me. Especially that rogue.

We then were going to investigate another door, and apparently everything was too spooky for them, because they were rigorously checking for traps. I felt assured that it was pretty safe, since it appeared almost nothing had been down here after the horrible things had happened.

Leaving the place, we went and split up to find out more information about what was going on. I went to look for the bard to hear if he’d tell us more tales, the others went to talk to the old wizard. We didn’t find out much from them, other than that they know better than to talk about the beast that came from the ritual.

It was here, we split up again, and Raiju had found a contact, a court wizard, who informed us of the place to the north where the planes were weak from elvin magic being used. It was decided that here was where we needed to go, where more tales of monstrosities occurred. From the looks on everyone’s face, we’re in for some serious shit.

Over my dead body on a rickety bridge. With Chickens.

We continued with our quests to adjust our individual planes, this time with Al’s plane. I was a bit worried going in. I mean I knew that I was messed up and did some pretty horrible things, but he did horrible things as if they were normal. So when we all ended up naked in a church, missing arms that were spurting blood, and being judged by an old lady, I can hardly say that I was surprised. Shocked yes, but not surprised. We had also all suddenly contracted horrible disease. There was a fountain that Goop filled with his own blood (from the missing arms) and when he had done so, a flight of stairs opened down behind the pulpit and our arms re-grew. We then came to the end of a narrow platform. There was a huge gap, one that we couldn’t even see down into, and on the other side was another platform and a door. The only way to get across was to grab onto the sword blades protruding from the ceiling. Dast, Goop, and I all made across with only some cuts to show for it, but Soloma was not so lucky. She had contracted the black plague, and in her weakened condition, fell into darkness. There was nothing we could do so we continued through the door. We started walking down some stairs and Goop stumbled across his own dead body. We didn’t really know what to make of it so we kept going. We then found ourselves in a circular room, with a door on the other side, and between us and the door was a giant monk. He stated that the circle demanded a blood sacrifice. Not wanting to sacrifice our blood, we went and retrieved Goop’s dead body from the stairs and tried to use that as a sacrifice. It didn’t work. We then attacked, with our newly elongated teeth, claws, and goop tore his dead arms off his dead body and wielded those as clubs. After beating it to death, our long teeth went back to normal and Soloma popped out of a hatch in the middle of the floor looking very shaken. Reunited, we continued through the door. On the other side was an impossibly long rickety bridge. I decided I would go first, calling out every fifty steps or so. That way we would keep in contact. The bridge went on forever. Suddenly there was a chicken in my hands. I didn’t know what to do with it so I just held onto it and kept going. Eventually crossing over my own dead body. Eventually I could see the bridge ending at a rock spire with a cave in the back that was pouring out bright light. In front of the cave stood a paladin. Unsure of the paladin’s intentions I started to creep forward, eventually crawling along the underside of the bridge with my chicken resting on my chest. I made almost all the way to the end of the bridge undetected but i was clumsy trying to get onto the rock and I was spotted. The paladin, being perfectly friendly hailed me, informed me he knew why I was here and that we should wait for my friends. Once everyone made it, the paladin was about to start talking when the rock spire cracked and fell sending us into the void after it. When we woke up after our fall we found ourselves on the back of an unkowabely large dryder tied up in spider webbing. We worked our way out of it and saw that Al was there with us. We began to talk with him, when he suddenly was split in two and out of him emerged another clollosal dryder, the Goddess of Terror herself; Theras. The battle commenced and fortuanely we found the we were now clothed again with all of our equipment. Soloma and Goop used the teleport-naginata combo that had worked so well on the ant queen and I moved into flank, though I quickly realized my katana would not be of much use and stuck to damaging her with lightning spells. Dast was the first to be killed and ejected from the plane, leaving Goop, Soloma and I do finish her off. We were doing incredibly well, each of us familiar with our roles by now, and preforming them to the best of our abilities, causing massive amounts of damage. Then suddenly infuriated, Theras focused on Goop, ejecting him from the plane leaving Soloma and I to finish her off. But we had already almost killed and with one more spell from me, she shattered, screaming. Suddenly I found myself in a small cell. I tried to call out for other people but heard nothing in response. I knocked on the walls and found that there was some give to them. I pulled my grappling hook out and stated chipping away at the wall. When I finally broke out I realized I had been encased in spider egg and that I was back on Belorai. I went over the the other egg and helped Soloma out of hers. We then all rested and healed, glad to be done with that ordeal. Suddenly out of the sky flew a giant blue bird who we knew to be Kam. We met with him and he granted us many favors and charged us with a quest. We are to seek out the roots of the Day Never Dawning. He referred to us as heroes. I know that we have changed, or at least I know that at least I feel different but a hero? I guess that history will judge our deeds, which to this point have been absolutely horrifying. Which makes me wonder what could be in store that would overshadow our past.

Journeys into the Mind Continue...

It has been nearly three weeks since we left civilization. I should feel right at home; deep in the wilds far from anyone but the people I trust, yet the invasion into the minds of my companions has been very taxing.

We were recently transported into the mind of Dast. I was unsure of what exactly we would find, but I was prepared for the worst. I was surprised to find only a simple hut on a blank canvas of black when we arrived on the plane known as Dast. I was shocked still to find that we had been transformed into young Pantheorns. It was evident from early on that we had been transformed into Dast and were experiencing his early childhood.

Looking back, I now understand why Dast has acted the way he has. Not only was his childhood rough, but his whole life has been a struggle. From the beatings and death of his mom, Dast has only experienced one end of a life after another. From his Wizard teacher to finding out who his captain really was, Dast has been no stranger to death and it is the reason his seems to toy with it on a regular basis.

It wasn’t until we reached his most recent memories, which included us, that Dast started to come to terms with his actions. I feel that he has always wondered why we try and stop him from doing what he does and that it wasn’t until now that he was able to ask it.

After we exited Dast plane of existence, we were stumped when we saw that the last trail for Dast was really going on. He had the a block suspended above the Commoner he hired as a Sherpa (which I believe he intend to use as a toy until he came to a grim end in the wilds). Not only were we able to save the man and get Dast to lower the block, but I think we were able to save the last strand of humanity he had left.

Now we must face the only person’s plane of Existence I fear more than Dast’s, the dreaded, corrupted mind of the Dark Knight of Chaos himself, Alhazared the Antipaladin.

Further Expeditions Into the Mind

After recuperating from the journey through Soloma’s plane of existence, the group decided to continue its efforts to purify and resolve the existential crises of each remaining party member.

I pity them for having to clear out my twisted mind. On a related note, I’ve just now begun to grasp the concept of pity. Really quite interesting stuff.

Goop’s Rune took four hours to recreate on the stone slab (I was bored). When he finally drank the hallucinogens we found ourselves in a bizarre metal facility with all sorts of tubing, chemicals, and complex machinery. Discomforting corrosive slime seeped from the corners of the walls, and, having nothing to gain by staying, we found our way into another room that had what seemed to be some sort of monster fetus hanging in a cage with tubes attached (homunculus I think, might’ve been Goop). Later (or perhaps just before? The order of events gets hazy for me sometimes) we made it to some sort of observation room with a wooden table that held many esoteric alchemical formulas. Suddenly we were confronted by a vision of an aged scholar who assumedly worked in this lab; he pointed to us and commanded goop to “take care of” another one. The other members of the party and I played the role of Goop in this battle as we were confronted by a writhing slime beast which we dispatched with only some difficulty. I was afraid. It felt good.

As the scene reverted to its former dilapidation and the visions faded, the party decided to press on further into the complex. I remember fighting a second slime beast and seeing a different version of the monster/goop fetus, but my memory is nearly as malevolent as I, and it does not always choose to cooperate. I do recall however what transpired next.

During our exploration we came across a study that had been mostly cleared out. Some furniture remained, namely the table that had a bloody handkerchief upon it. The wizard-folk used the pensive on it and revealed a tale of an old alchemist’s sad physical decline (Holy shit, there it is again). Next we found a different laboratory room with a large glass tube in the center. The visions returned and we saw the old man both floating within the tube and working on the machines. The others figured out that he was building a homunculus version of himself, which I thought to be very crafty of him (Natural processes can eat it).

The visions faded and the room became a tattered pile of what was essentially rubble. Continuing, we found what seemed to be another slime monster in yet another stale, laboratory room but this time Goop was there, ready to dispatch it. But this slime beast actually turned out to be the old man. We were fairly unaware of this fact though and only realized that we were meant to stop the slaying after some not-so-subtle hinting from Goop’s consciousness. After dramatically disarming Goop we actually managed to prevent more mindless death from happening. All were happy, although if this had happened in reality we would never have met Goop. Traumatic feelings resolved. Portal opens. Back in the crater on Belorai.

Part 2

Round three was Raiju’s plane of existence. We performed the necessary ritual to enter her world and found ourselves in a strange hallway. Nobles in fancy dress were entering what appeared to be a royal party. One to which we were obviously not invited. After failing to diplomacize our way in, we bushwhacked some of the approaching nobles and collected all of their worldly belongings, which happened to be exactly what we needed to get in.

Inside the party there were six floating platforms, all decked out with food and assorted fops. The goal of this simulation obviously had to do with the King’s potential death, but we were unsure of who the culprit was to be. Goop tried to become the King’s bodyguard but was rather unconvincing and unwittingly made himself a potential suspect in the King’s eyes. Lepht decided to go after the King, assumedly so Goop could stop him and prove himself as a guard, but as they started to wrestle the real assassin made a move. The King was unharmed but the royal guards appeared and focused on the brawl that was happening right by the throne. Lepht miraculously slipped away from Goop’s grasp twice and in an impressive display leaped over the encircling guards, became invisible, and promptly blew the King’s brain out at close range.

The world reset. We quickly gathered the nobles’ belongings once more and reentered the party, but not before Lepht was mysteriously stabbed and poisoned leaving him very unconscious. The ballroom walls were lined with ornate mirrors that the party discovered to have magical properties. When a patron was viewed in a double reflection, their real nature was revealed. This lead to awkward scouting via lots of angular reckoning. Raiju was here, but there were two of her working together to kill the King. Deciding to forego counter-assassination, we located and confronted the first Raiju who unsurprisingly feigned innocence. I pinned her against the wall and was loudly accused of sexual assault, but Goop had by this time already acquired credentials from the King for investigative purposes. Swiftly turning the Guards against Raiju #1, who was detained in a nearby cell. Raiju #2 was far more difficult to track and managed to make three attempts on the King’s life (one of which was a manure explosion) before we managed to track her down and subdue her.

The two Raiju’s merged before our eyes in the cell, where we had a very interesting philosophical conversation about the nature of corruption and authority, and the best paths to take should one desire positive social change.

In a moment of weakness… I… may have suggested that positive change can be obtained through the… Shudder … betterment of one’s community…

Raiju requires time to think on these things but we resolved the situation and were able to return to Belorai where I promptly forgot every moral lesson learned.


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