Whispers of Belorai

How It All Started
Seloma the Witch

The jail cell was covered in hay and the filth of previous prisoners and other types of vermin as well.

I was surrounded by a mixture of interesting figures.

A shifty ratman

A polar opposite rejects: a completely silent one and one that can’t seem to shut up

A Multi-armed Homunuclus

A Sobbing human female

A Ferocious Patherion

And a even more intimidating Feral.

We were eventually able to pick the lock, but trying to get out of the prison was even harder.

We tried our hardest to fight past the guards, but it was the Feral that secured our way out. He pushed past the two guards in front of the door, one of which was thrown so hard he was killed instantly. I hope we never have to meet him again as he disappeared right after leaving the prison.

After escaping past the guards we rushed into the eternal night. After telling the Female human told us she was raped by a guard, she went back to her home in the city and left us to do what we will. I am unsure of what happened to the Ratman as well, but he was a nussiance anyways.

Personally, I thought the guard deserved to die for what he did, so we found out where he patrolled and head towards Oakdale.

We were able to ambush the guards at take most of them out. The silent reject of our group shot one of them in the back of the head and made half of the guards chase after him. This left the one guard we wanted to kill with us. The Patherian in our group jumped out of the brush on the side of the road and killed one of the guards with a thrust of his katana. The Homunuclus of our group was able to slay the two other guards as well leaving some delicious tongues and a couple of tongues for me.

We decided to head to Oakdale and see if we could regroup with the silent Rejected that helped us with the guards. He eventually showed up and presented a letter to us that was on one of the guards bodies. The letter said that the guards in the area where to act like raiders and attack villagers with in the area.

All this happened with in a few short hours and it seems I am in a motley group of people.

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