Whispers of Belorai

Adventure Log 10/11/13: The Day Shit Happened

Learned about everything every one else did. The sick bastards.

4 Temples
-gem shit
-history of the Centhari and stuff
Giant circle thingy
-ring to get symbols
-write symbol on circle thingie

Saloma’s happy place:
Swamp, follow ripples
waterfall, go behind, yay fish boo dark shark
follow fish, reach cliff, fish turns to dolphin, Raiju gets shit fucked by bore which became an orca
dolphin turns to deer, follow to town
in town, came across the church.
from church to tavern. Yay Scruffy!, meet Saloma
Tavern to mansion, fucked bitch up
leave mansion, meet Saloma again
To the tower, meet the gray guy. Wreck his shit.
Go to forest, follow rabbit, rabbit turns to rat getting stuck and then that goddamnmotherfuckingspidergodfuckingfuck then to ant to panther to saloma silhouette and then wolf fucks it up and then we can leave and things are good.



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