The 14th day of the 3rd cycle of Delle, 842 Years after the fall of the Imperium

A Treatise on the Nature of Things
Galfar Neorspie

All things in the span, the collection of all spaces and planes consist of but a few fundamental elements. There are Entities; the people, creatures, and gods. They have will and influence upon the other elements. There are Mysts, the essence of existence. The Mysts are perceived by the entities and interpreted depending on the schema of the plane. There are also Lingers, slivers of time that get caught in the Mysts and Entities. These are seen as dreams and memories, skills and connections that entities experience.

The nature of the three are not distinct but three they are. In order to truly explain the nature of them I should begin in the basics.

Imagine for the sake of example that there is only Mysts and only one plane of existence, the Material Plane for example. An apple can sit on a desk. That apple has a certain color, it has a flavor, and it has a chemical make up. The skin is smooth, and the flesh firm. It contains seeds that are different from the rest of the fruit. Quickly said, this apple has various properties. It would be an easy assumption to think that there is a Myst or more likely a collection of Mysts that exist to create the apple and detail its properties. This would be false. The apple is an expression of the Myst, not the other way around. Mysts exist in a form unconstrained by the rules of the Plane.

Mysts do not exist within a space, do not have a physical form, and have neither beginnings nor ends. The Mysts are more like the set of the ideas that are, have been, or can be. An example of a Myst might the feeling of being watched, or the concept of regret. All such things are Mysts.

Mysts are experienced by entities. Entities view the Mysts and will receive input based on the current schema. Schema are the interface between Mysts and the experiencing entity, describing the plane. The plane, and thus the schema, belong to the entity creating the plane. No, that is not true. Entities do not create planes, a plane and an entity are inseparable and are the same. A plane is the expression of the entity entire. The planes that are the the essence of ordinary folk are interpreted as small places, as the entity does not have the complexity that requires additional space to express. It might be viewed as a small house or a cave, perhaps a forest clearing. Interesting people such a kings, generals, or poets might require a few acres in order to describe accurately. Ancient and powerful entities such as the gods contain vast expanses in their planes. The plane of Belorai is the Material Plane, which most mortals claim as their home. It is simply not possible to visit your own plane, not truly. Sure, there are some magicks that is thought to create and maintain a personal plane, yet these are tricks. They are simply altering how they apply the schema for the plane they are currently inhabiting. I will return the subject of the interplay between magicks and schemas later.

Since Entities, Mysts, and Lingers do not exist within any space, relations between them are not expressed in terms of distances but in terms of similarities. Take the Material Plane and the After Plane for example. During the Day on the Material Plane, the two have very little in common, which makes it difficult for beings of one plane to pass to the other. However, when the sun sets, the planes will be more and more similar. This offers an explanation why shambling corpses are most powerful at night, and will often die if kept outside during the day.

Like I mentioned earlier, Lingers are like the splinters of a moment of time. They sometimes get attached to entities or Mysts, leaving an echo of the moment of which the Linger is a shard. These are much more likely to get attached to an entity when the entity is actively influencing the Mysts and Entities around them, such as fighting a worthy opponent or speaking before a crowd. These lingers trap the essence of that moment, and can be drawn upon for the power that instant held. While in a conflict of arms, skilled warriors will reach out to Lingers of other times when they were practicing their craft.

Certain Entities seem to simply have a knack for collecting Lingers that do not belong to them. This allows the entity to view glimpses of the past or even the future of another. Such people are rare, and I have only had the privilege of meeting one such person, and that was during the foolishness of my youth.

All entities however possess the ability to express their own will with the effect of altering the schema of the plane they are visiting. With a decision, a hunter can pull a bowstring and loose an arrow to strike a rabbit. This in turn leads to the flesh of the rabbit tearing, blood to spill from the wound and the rabbit to die. The decision of the hunter altered the state of existence of the plane, how Belorai was expressing herself through the Mysts and her schema. Note that this action not only affected the nature of the plane, but also that of the entity controlling the plane. Allowing another into your plane gives them the ability to alter the very nature of you.

For many, the ways that they can alter the plane are limited by the owner. In the material plane, most are restricted to the things that they can do through the use of a body, an object to act as the host for the entity. Some entities are gifted with the ability to access the schema more directly and can gain access to more unrestricted changes. This is Magick. Sorcerers and other Arcanists are able to change the host, and thus create effects that would normally not be allowed by the laws of the plane, such as lighting a candle without a heat source. Some Arcanists prefer to create subplanes so that they can control its properties. For example, imagine that a necromancer would like to raise a corpse, but the sun has just risen. Belorai and Iranai are far to different for him to pull a soul from the After Plane by directly altering the schema directly. Instead, the clever necromancer finds a nice basement or such and closes the door. He then creates a subplane consisting of only the part of Belorai containing the basement. Assuming that the new subplane is sufficiently similar to Delle, he should be able to draw out a soul and bind it to the corpse.

Traversing planes is a difficult art, and should be taken with caution. At the core of Planewalking is the ability to fully control the self and completely understand others. A planewalker must change his own schema until it matches that of the intended plane. This involves altering the very foundations of what makes up who the planewalker is. Many who try this forget who they were and simply dissolve into the entity they were invading. Talented Planewalkers are supposedly able to bury the secret of themselves deep, planeswalk, then follow a set of mental instructions to find their original schema again. Note that this is the willful invasion of one entity by another. There exist other, much less dangerous forms of planewalking. By invitation, an entity can accept another into their schema, drawing the other entity within them.

The nature of things is not easily written in words, and this article only grazes the surface of the subject.


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